I read 163 Books in 2019 Using Atomic Habits

Ten years ago, I had after-work drinks with one of my best friends. Her husband read 100+ books per year, and I found it fascinating (I was in the 20-30 books per year category). I don't have time to read 100 books per year, I said, thinking of my (then) schedule, packed with work, events,... Continue Reading →

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Compassion Makes for a Successful Coaching Relationship

... and is the core of this coaching approach: coaching with compassion, developed by Richard Boyatzis, Ellen VanOosten, PhD, and Melvin Smith, professors at Weatherhead School of Management. One morning, I accidentally discovered this coaching approach when I took a taxi to the office (versus my regular reading-in-the-train trip). I looked for an exciting podcast... Continue Reading →

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Master Retrospectives and You Master Team Learning

I believe all Agile principles are equal in importance, and they work together holistically: focus on customers, iterative development, self-organised teams, technical excellence, and continuous improvement. But this last principle is "more equal than the others": Continuous improvement is the heart of Agile. Without reflection, there is no learning, without learning, there is no continuous... Continue Reading →

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Give and Receive Feedback with Radical Candor

The fireball: my first feedback story It was one of my first jobs, the debut of my career. I was working for Procter & Gamble in Bucharest. The Romanian branch had just opened a procurement centre (intending to transfer all procurement activities from Brussels and Geneva), and I was employee number four of the new... Continue Reading →

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Practice Empathy with Nonviolent Communication

Empathy and emotional intelligence are the focus of management and leadership research. Not only that but it's considered a core skill for just .. being human. The success of teaching children empathy brought the idea that adults can be taught too. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools to learn empathy, and here's one of... Continue Reading →

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Increase Your Team’s Performance with The Culture Map

I've been living in Malaysia for over five years, working for a company that employs more than 60 nationalities. My first Scrum team had eight nationalities (out of eight team members) spread across all spectrums of cultural differences. My family is also multicultural (my son has Romanian-Malaysian genes, plus influences from Romanian, Chinese, Malaysian and... Continue Reading →

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Increase Team Collaboration with These 3 Concepts

I started working with software developers a little under ten years ago. Coming from a business background, my predominant work was communication and relating. But I began to work with people who would spend more time creating, designing, and building products. I had to relearn my approach to work, communication, meeting settings and generally my... Continue Reading →

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You should not trust your memory

Note: This research is part of a series of assignments for Cognitive Psychology, part of my MSc in Psychology. Autobiographical memory (AM) is memories from past experiences of our own lives (Fivush, 2011). This type of memory contains episodic memories (specific events) and semantic memories (personal semantic memories, facts related to those events) (Cabeza &... Continue Reading →

Laissez-faire Leadership enables workplace bullying

Note: an assignment I wrote for Social Psychology (part of my MSc in Psychology). The assignment is a position statement that should answer the question: Is there evidence that group processes transfer to different contexts and cultures? Laissez-faire is a passive leadership style with devastating effects on employees. Laissez-faire leaders do not recognise or motivate... Continue Reading →

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