IQ and Personality Tests

I like them. To be honest actually, I am always up for an intelligence test and I am always excited of finding out the result. If, of course there is an “if”, if I don’t have to actually take a mathematical intelligence test. Not that I don’t pass them (my IQ was 127 at 19 when I made a real IQ test, so hopefully it didn’t get lower ever since, I never had the patience to sit down and go through the whole process again) but it’s just real effort, you can not just decide to take an IQ test out of a sudden (unless you’re one of those guys that make extremely fast calculations in an extremely short period of time), you need to prepare, to rest, to take some time to do it and so on.

But, going back to tests, the Myers-Briggs personality type test (always ENTJ, last time I moved towards INTJ) and other tests (multiple intelligence tests for example), I would always do it even though I honestly never had surprises, and I think you can somehow anyway fake them. The answers seem obvious and even before you do it you know what kind of person you are (well I can not explain why I ended up as an introvert in the last one but I am sure it’s just a slight modification of the test, not of me).

Anyway, I see the utility of these tests otherwise. All right, they can give you an insight on yourself that you might have missed or you just didn’t know how to recognize but what they really do, they open possibilities for you. They make you think of things a bit differently and maybe stimulate your creativity somehow.

Let’s say you’re an accountant and you never really felt anything for your job, you just did because, well you always had to be an accountant (your mom was one, your father was one, it seemed naturally for you to follow their lead). You’re not miserable in the job but not necessarily happy either, you just go with the flow and as long as you don’t stand against it, life is not that bad. You have your friends, your hobbies, your vacation, your family that appreciate you for being one of “them”, accountants. Everything seems okay  even if you feel sometimes that you have some discomfort and your life doesn’t really feel fulfilled. So you run into one of these tests, you take it and you find out that your mathematical skills are not exactly the best, or your personality type fits rather an explorer than someone sitting at one desk and dealing with numbers (I presume that by now my deep antipathy for figures is pretty obvious:). It’s not necessarily a revelation but it can make you wonder what else is there and make you curious.

Curiosity is the first step to change. A deep curiosity can make you move mountains just to find out the answers to the questions your mind raises. I will continue with what is curiosity and how it changes people in another post, for now, I just want to underline the utility of these personalities and intelligence tests. For now, you can just be curious and take them, if nothing else, for sure it will raise some new curiosities (unless you are already a very curious person:).

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