We’re not That Poor

But we’re not.

Leaving aside all the statistics of the worlds economies, we tend to consider ourselves, Romanians, poor and unfortunate, because we were born in this country and lack the possibility of actually “doing things”.

I came across this video today:

which doesn’t tell me anything that I didn’t know. I am fascinated though by people who choose to be melancholic after “good old times”, when absolutely everything  was better: we were younger, richer, more polite, more educated, more anything than today. The truth is that we weren’t, obviously some of us were younger (when others didn’t even exist) but that’s all there is to it. The world is in a constant change and evolution, the focus on humanity and empathy is at an all time high, even if we complain that we lost the empathy and pleasure for life and are focused on materialistic goals and consumption.

The material focus is nothing new, it existed ever since the technological revolution and it’s a phenomenon that has an incredible increase in China in the present. They develop a fast consumerism which  makes China one of the biggest economies in the world.

Today it is indeed very easy to buy absolutely anything you need, but another thing that is strange is how people write about “them” consuming – whoever “they” are. Who are the authors writing about? It’s always a big WE buying, consuming, that includes absolutely every person that lives in the “civilized” world.

That actually takes me to the subject of this post: at present there is a trend among people to be anti-consumerism. The same people who own a laptop, a phone, a car, maybe a tablet, they come out and preach the idea of stopping the consumption. The only tool for regulating consumption I can think of, is represented by a rare breed of people who can make themselves live under their means, rich people who live humbly or average people who do not waste money on material objects. To ask companies not to sell products would not be feasible.

I can never say who is wrong or who is right when it comes to society and what direction it should go into. There are always extremes, but I somehow think that none of the opinions presented so far is right one hundred percent. On the other side consuming will take us to a halt, as resources are finite and we seem to last and multiply at an incredible rate. So, who is to say that the new generation is not right to consume and has to refrain from indulging themselves in pleasures, just as we do now? Or as we did until now?

We are not poor, we are not unfortunate, we are just confused, as we don’t really know how we are supposed to be, what decent living means, what social level is (when you see such disparity as today), if we should stop consuming and start saving or just live our lives the way we want, which direction we should go into, if we should save the planet or just go about the world and not care about it, and so many other questions.

I only know that individualism is one thing that needs to be re-considered. Because, even if we are individuals, we are also part of a group which grows every single moment  and we are more or less responsible of other individuals just as much as we are of ourselves. How to be part of a society and what our role in it is,  I do not know but I presume we will find out, otherwise the next step would be the new Dark Ages.

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