Learn by Doing

This is what 2013 told me. The best way to learn is to do.

Do you want to learn about blogging? Then, start a blog and learn while doing it.

Do you want to learn about customer relationship management? First, manage customers (you should find the infrastructure to do so). If you don’t have your own customers, find somebody else’s customers to manage.

Do you want to learn about building websites? Create your own website.

Do you want to learn about art? Do art. It doesn’t matter that you have no clue what you’re doing. Doodle! Make music!

Do you want to learn how to write? Write. No matter what, no matter the quality, just put your hand on a pen and write. I like to write ‘the old style way‘, pen and paper; I rarely move my thoughts here.

Do you want to learn about sports? Do them! There is no other way to learn anything about sports but through doing them, but I discovered that reading and learning from the experience of others are also essential.

Reading books, of course, is power and getting knowledge from people who did things before you is essential and will save you a lot of trouble. Use books, use instructions, use friends, use tools but in the end, the actual knowledge comes from doing. From applying what you learned. Ideas start to build up, and that’s when the magic happens!

That’s all I have to say for 2013: do it! Whatever it is, start now!

2019 later edit: I keep me “do it” if you want to learn stance, but I will add one more thing: get feedback on what you’re doing if you want to progress in your learning.

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