Passion, NOT a Hobby


Some time ago I had a conversation with a friend and I was passionately explaining him how much I was looking forward to going on a snowboarding trip, trying with more or fewer words to explain the best feeling in the world to someone who doesn’t do winter sports. He said that he was impressed by my passion and he’s happy I found this “hobby“.

Offensive! That’s how I felt really, offended. A hobby seems to be something trivial and transient and snowboarding is in my life to stay. And control it for a fact, as I started to plan everything else around it, snow and mountains were my priorities this season. So how can you call that a hobby?

We should stop having hobbies and saying “oh I really like sports but don’t find anytime for doing any“, “oh, I’d really love to learn how to paint, but you know, work, friends…” blah. Hobbies suck, hobbies are just a way for us to trick ourselves that we live truly and we do things that have a meaning to us.

No more hobbies, passion! If something keeps you up at night you find the time to do it, you make the time to do it and you put it first on your list so that it is done in the end. Because it matters, because it makes you soul sing and because you feel you can not live without it. Or you can, but that’s just surviving, not really life.

That’s snowboarding. It’s so much more than a hobby, much more than passion, it’s … well, it’s life. It’s the mountain, it’s you, your snowboard and your friends and that’s all, you need nothing else. It’s painful sometimes, it’s cold sometimes, it’s windy sometimes, some other times the sun burns too hot, some other times you have pain all over your body (and I mean all over your body, every single piece of it will hurt) and sometimes you start wondering what the hell are you doing up at 3.000 m on a snowy, foggy day, when you could be with your friends sipping coffee and chatting about life or whatnot. Then you start riding and all these questions and problems disappear. Everything disappears but you sliding down the most beautiful place in the world. You’re one with the board, one with the mountain and you get into a flow that compares to nothing else. No questions, no answers, just feelings and emotions that end up in stupid smiles and grins that make you in the end say “this was the best day of my life“. To each day, even though some are better than others. It’s love and it’s above love, a total connection with self and nature that I haven’t experienced in any other way.

That’s snowboarding. And a day like the pow day at St. Caterina last week makes me happy for such a long time and crave for the next snow, next line, next perfect turn, next jump (that I really make 🙂 ), next moment when I know that I live the life I want to live and this is it. The meaning of life or whatever you want to call it, it’s there, in that feeling.

And now, Gary:

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