Agile Product Management with Scrum [book notes]

Create Products That Customers Love with Roman Pichler [book learning] The book is a guide for becoming an excellent Product Owner (PO) using the SCRUM framework. It focuses not only on SCRUM  but also on product management, which is essential learning for a great PO. Pichler covers everything related to product management: from how to create a... Continue Reading →

Famous Women Writers

I was called a feminist during the last year, but I never saw myself as one. I think of me as a humanist, each human being has its own value and place in the world, no matter if they are male or female. I see no difference between the two genders (not to mention that now... Continue Reading →

The Undercover Economist [book review]

The Undercover Economist,  [Tim Harford, 2007] Is economics a dull subject, referring to complex data analysis, presenting not so exciting conclusions inaccessible to the general public? Tim Harford replies with a definite no and supports his opinion with The Undercover Economist, where he brilliantly presents his theories, based on thorough research and analysis, on hot... Continue Reading →

Built to Last [book review]

You need a big idea to build a lasting company. FALSE, just a very few of these companies were based on a grand idea, in fact some of them were built without any specific idea. The visionary companies need visionary leaders, of an impressive height and very charismatic. FALSE, the image of the charismatic leader... Continue Reading →

Blue Ocean Strategy [book review]

Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make Competition Irrelevant [Chan Kim, Renée Mauborgne] What are the alternative industries to your industry? What are the strategic groups in your industry? What is the chain of buyers in your industry? Does your industry compete on functionality or emotional appeal? What trends have a high... Continue Reading →

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