Setting Goals

Even though I have objectives and know the general direction I want to go into, what I want to do, what I love to do, most importantly what I don't particularly enjoy doing, the industry (online and technology), domain (helping people), I never set the final target of my journey. I've been thinking about it... Continue Reading →

On Education

I am a promoter of constant education. For me learning was never only a part of school, that ended before summer and started again in autumn. I just continuously do it, as part of my life and my core values.  I learn from everything - from books, online courses, conferences, speeches, meetings and random talks... Continue Reading →

Famous Women Writers

I was called a feminist during the last year, but I never saw myself as one. I think of me as a humanist, each human being has its own value and place in the world, no matter if they are male or female. I see no difference between the two genders (not to mention that now... Continue Reading →

My Perfect Day

I keep hearing people saying that working for yourself is hard to manage, as you have to work hard to focus and do the work instead of getting distracted by things such as Facebook, Hacker News, Twitter, Reddit and the likes. I wouldn't agree with it, or better put, these distractions exist in an office... Continue Reading →

I Could Do More

This is one statement that is constantly on my mind: I could do more; I could do better. No matter what I do, the moment when I am done I think that it can actually be improved in a different way. This desire to constantly improve will probably stop me from ever having a normal,... Continue Reading →

Don’t Be Perfect

Procrastination gets the best of us. Perfectionism is not too far either. The two apparent opposite concepts go hand in hand: not being able to do certain things perfectly (and you know you can’t) makes you not do them and in the worst cases not even start them, a perfect excuse to procrastinate: “I won’t... Continue Reading →

We Are All Creative

I recently completed a course on Creativity, Innovation and Change on Coursera. It lasted for 8 weeks and it was a pretty hard commitment, provided that I had plenty of other things going at the same time but it was good, and it was so good that it’s the first course I feel like detailing... Continue Reading →

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