What Do You Live For?

A few years ago I started to feel the need to define my values and what principles I want to live by. I felt that these principles are a must for me as a person and me as a brand. My personal brand, so to speak. I do ask myself the question “what do I... Continue Reading →

ME Comes First. And That Should Be A Rule

Weekend. I am somewhere at the mountain celebrating a couple of friends’ birthdays. I went earlier (2 am I think) to bed, as I was dead tired on that specific Friday night. Around 4 am I wake up to a (loud) conversation that went like this: Girl: “You don’t understand we don’t put relationships first”... Continue Reading →

Facebook Is Lovely

This is my FB news feed this morning: I’ve been reading rants about FB being disastrously close to extinction, as the bigger it gets, the more shit information is out there. Because, surprise!!!, people actually like to share and they do share! On Facebook, which – oh, what a wonder – has sharing as primary... Continue Reading →

Passion, NOT a Hobby

Some time ago I had a conversation with a friend and I was passionately explaining him how much I was looking forward to going on a snowboarding trip, trying with more or fewer words to explain the best feeling in the world to someone who doesn't do winter sports. He said that he was impressed... Continue Reading →

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

I think there are two types of people in the world: the ones that believe they know things, no matter what/if they know anything and the ones that believe they don't know anything, no matter what/if they know. It's not necessarily high or low self-confidence, it's just that way you see yourself, knowledgeable or not. The way... Continue Reading →

You Must Love Your Client

Client satisfaction, customer orientation, customer relationship management and so on are very clear and common sense concepts for me. You don't have to overthink it, you have your client and your only purpose is to make his/her life better. Be it with optimisation, be it with project management, be it advice only maybe, what have... Continue Reading →

Work in Startups

I recently ran into an article published by TechChrunch’s James Altucher, who is drastically advising you to drop your day job and start something else, anything, as long as you don’t have to work for someone else (you can find the article here). I completely agree with his proposal, corporations do kill innovation while encouraging... Continue Reading →

Listen to Your Client

You don't know better than your client, even if you feel or consider you do. You client knows their business as they go to bed and wake up with it every day. You don't have to go there and act like you know better and your client has to listen. You have to listen. Listen... Continue Reading →

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