Practice Empathy with Nonviolent Communication

Empathy and emotional intelligence emotional intelligence are the focus on management and leadership research. Not only that, but it's considered a core skill for just .. being human. The success of teaching children empathy brought the idea that adults can be taught too. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools to learn empathy, and here's... Continue Reading →

Becoming a Skilled Facilitator – A Framework

An Agile Coach wears many hats - coach, trainer, teacher, mentor, consultant, conflict navigator - but my favourite role as a Coach is by far is facilitating groups. There is an immense satisfaction in being the force behind group problem-solving, helping a group navigate through their issues or conflicts or get clarity and create ideas.... Continue Reading →

Increase Team Collaboration with These 3 Concepts

A little under ten years ago I started to work with software developers. Coming from a business background, my predominant work was related to communication and relating. But I started to work with people who would spend more time in creating, designing, and building products. I had to relearn my entire approach to work, communication, meeting... Continue Reading →

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