Practice Empathy with Nonviolent Communication

Empathy and emotional intelligence emotional intelligence are the focus on management and leadership research. Not only that, but it's considered a core skill for just .. being human. The success of teaching children empathy brought the idea that adults can be taught too. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools to learn empathy, and here's... Continue Reading →

Becoming a Skilled Facilitator – A Framework

An Agile Coach wears many hats - coach, trainer, teacher, mentor, consultant, conflict navigator - but my favourite role as a Coach is by far is facilitating groups. There is an immense satisfaction in being the force behind group problem-solving, helping a group navigate through their issues or conflicts or get clarity and create ideas.... Continue Reading →

What Are Self-Managed Teams?

Self-managed or self-organised teams is the premise for any Agile framework or organisation. But what does that mean? The meaning varies from organisation to organisation, and from person to person, but there is a standard definition for it. Let's look into it! Late J. Richard Hackman, Harvard psychology professor and one of the leading experts... Continue Reading →

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