Master Retrospectives and You Master Team Learning

I believe all Agile principles are equal in importance and they work together holistically: focus on customers, iterative development, self-organised teams, technical excellence, and continuous improvement. But this last principle is "more equal than the others": Continuous improvement is the heart of Agile. Without reflection, there is no learning, without learning there is no continuous... Continue Reading →

Setting Goals

Even though I have objectives and know the general direction I want to go into, what I want to do, what I love to do, most importantly what I don't particularly enjoy doing, the industry (online and technology), domain (helping people), I never set the final target of my journey. I've been thinking about it... Continue Reading →

On Education

I am a promoter of constant education. For me learning was never only a part of school, that ended before summer and started again in autumn. I just continuously do it, as part of my life and my core values.  I learn from everything - from books, online courses, conferences, speeches, meetings and random talks... Continue Reading →

What Do You Live For?

A few years ago I started to feel the need to define my values and what principles I want to live by. I felt that these principles are a must for me as a person and me as a brand. My personal brand, so to speak. I do ask myself the question “what do I... Continue Reading →

Passion, NOT a Hobby

Some time ago I had a conversation with a friend and I was passionately explaining him how much I was looking forward to going on a snowboarding trip, trying with more or fewer words to explain the best feeling in the world to someone who doesn't do winter sports. He said that he was impressed... Continue Reading →

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