Startups Should Not Have Growth Teams

Alex Schultz, VP Growth at Facebook just gave the best talk I heard on startup growth at Stanford's How to Start a Startup, course organised and orchestrated by YC Sam Altman. In his own words: ...if you're a startup, you shouldn't have a growth team. Startups should not have growth teams. The whole company should... Continue Reading →

The Undercover Economist [book review]

The Undercover Economist,  [Tim Harford, 2007] Is economics a dull subject, referring to complex data analysis, presenting not so exciting conclusions inaccessible to the general public? Tim Harford replies with a definite no and supports his opinion with The Undercover Economist, where he brilliantly presents his theories, based on thorough research and analysis, on hot... Continue Reading →

We’re not That Poor

But we're not. Leaving aside all the statistics of the worlds economies, we tend to consider ourselves, Romanians, poor and unfortunate, because we were born in this country and lack the possibility of actually "doing things". I came across this video today: which doesn't tell me anything that I didn't know. I am fascinated though by people who choose to be melancholic after... Continue Reading →

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