Setting Goals

Even though I have objectives and know the general direction I want to go into, what I want to do, what I love to do, most importantly what I don't particularly enjoy doing, the industry (online and technology), domain (helping people), I never set the final target of my journey. I've been thinking about it... Continue Reading →

On Education

I am a promoter of constant education. For me learning was never only a part of school, that ended before summer and started again in autumn. I just continuously do it, as part of my life and my core values.  I learn from everything - from books, online courses, conferences, speeches, meetings and random talks... Continue Reading →

Famous Women Writers

I was called a feminist during the last year, but I never saw myself as one. I think of me as a humanist, each human being has its own value and place in the world, no matter if they are male or female. I see no difference between the two genders (not to mention that now... Continue Reading →

I Could Do More

This is one statement that is constantly on my mind: I could do more; I could do better. No matter what I do, the moment when I am done I think that it can actually be improved in a different way. This desire to constantly improve will probably stop me from ever having a normal,... Continue Reading →

ME Comes First. And That Should Be A Rule

Weekend. I am somewhere at the mountain celebrating a couple of friends’ birthdays. I went earlier (2 am I think) to bed, as I was dead tired on that specific Friday night. Around 4 am I wake up to a (loud) conversation that went like this: Girl: “You don’t understand we don’t put relationships first”... Continue Reading →

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